Towards a New Ethical Framework for a Legal Profession in Transition?

This volume contains contributions on the need for a new ethical framework for a legal profession in transition
Koen Raes, Ben Claessens
boek | verschenen | 1e editie
juni 2002 | xix + 264 blz.

€ 59,-

ISBN 9789050952316


This volume contains the proceedings of a two-day conference at the Ghent University (Belgium) on the need for a new ethical framework for a legal profession in transition. The central conference theme investigates the speed and nature of the many changes and challenges now confronting the legal professions in Europe.

These conference proceedings record not only new ideas to inform and guide future developments in the field of professional regulation but evidence a new relationship transcending disciplinary, jurisdictional and professional boundaries out of which a whole new understanding of professional ethics can be built.

This book can be commended to anyone interested in understanding the future agendas for European lawyers and the new ethics that undoubtedly will determine the nature and scope of the services we can expect to see offered their clients.


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