1. This book maps the newly-amended Belgian 'Preventative Anti-Money Laundering Law' (PAML) and its application to the professional football sector in Belgium. This publication is the first to provide an in depth overview of the content, requirements and obligations of the PAML as well as an initial appraisal of this extension of the PAML from both a doctrinal and theoretical perspective.
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  2. This book sets out a human rights approach to domestic abuse. It argues that the European Convention on Human Rights provides a powerful framework upon which to build a strong legal response to the problem of domestic abuse.
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  3. The criminal justice system of the Netherlands offers an introduction to our fascinating legal system from a criminal law angle. It is recommended to students taking an introductory course on Dutch criminal law or on comparative criminal law and is also an excellent starting point for foreign researchers who wish to explore the Dutch criminal law system.
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  4. The criminal justice system encompasses the most severe instrument at the state's disposal in times of peace. For this and many other reasons, overuse of that system is a serious matter. Containing an extensive collection of expert knowledge, this volume intends to expose legal possibilities, good practices and the many challenges that lie ahead when attempting to prevent overuse in the criminal justice system.
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  5. Human Rights and Drug Control analyses a human rights interpretation of the international drug-control framework with an emphasis on advancing the access to controlled essential medicines in resource-constrained countries.
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  6. This forty-seventh volume of annotated leading case law of international criminal tribunals contains decisions taken by Special Court for Sierra Leone 2009 - 2012.
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  7. Faith in Public Debate

    Verschijnt 10 april 2015

    Should a politician be free to fiercely attack the religion of a sector of the population? Should he be allowed to strongly reject the culture of a particular minority group? Should religious adherents be allowed to advocate the transition from a democratic to a theocratic state? Should a satirical magazine be free to mock religious figures and practices? These sort of questions concern ‘the place of faith in public debate’ and continue to dom...
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  8. The need to prevent convicted prisoners and other offenders from reoffending constitutes a major challenge for both criminal justice and penitentiary systems. This volume therefore first of all focuses on the value of restoring offenders to a useful life from the perspective of prisoners, their family, society, the tax-payer, prison staff and administration and victims, as well as from a criminological viewpoint.
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  9. Force & Marriage

    Verschijnt 25 juni 2014

    Forced marriages take place all over the world, both in times of peace and in times of conflict. This book provides a comparative perspective on the criminalisation of forced marriage, focusing on the question of whether, and, if so how, the practice of forced marriage should be criminalised under Dutch and international law.
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  10. This book offers a unique overview of the main legal systems of administrative sanctions with thorough analyses of the administrative law sanctioning systems in 13 Member States and the European Union. The focus is on both remedial and deterrent sanctions in administrative law.
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