1. This book examines the legal and societal challenges facing ageing nations in Europe. With a focus on informal care, it poses the question of how, in light of historical and socio-demographic changes, we can take care of our elderly.
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  2. This book concerns the impact of recent changes in technology (including the internet and artificial intelligence), as well as innovations (such as the changing ways of billing, new law firm structures and requirements and new employment practices) on the wellbeing of lawyers. There is evidence that the wellbeing of lawyers can be enhanced or diminished by these new practices and developments.
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  3. Public Interest in Law

    Verschijnt 11 december 2020

    This book analyses in a comprehensive manner the phenomenon of ‘public interest’ in different areas of law, both public and private. The contributions focus on the definition of public interest and the distinction between public and private interest. Further, they define the relevant ‘public’ and investigate the weight of public interest in case of conflict with other considerations and the legal consequences of its breach.
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  4. In the past decades the coordination of social security provisions of the European Union have become of vital importance. This book gives a clear overview of the main lines and main developments of this significant part of EU law.
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