1. Through a collection of expert analyses, this book aims to deepen our understanding of the dangers of fake news and disinformation, while also charting well-informed and realistic ways ahead.
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  2. Privacy as Virtue

    Verschijnt 30 juni 2017

    Privacy as Virtue discusses whether a rights-based approach to privacy regulation still suffices to address the challenges triggered by new data processing techniques such as Big Data and mass surveillance.
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  3. Although recent family law debates have been predominantly paedo-centric, the founding of “bio-medically assisted families” still focuses on the individual parents’ rights to reproduce. By introducing donations, the donor’s genetic contribution becomes instrumental and the legal attribution of parenthood negotiated through expressed intentions. This book provokes the curious mind and clarifies concepts, studies the rationale behind the legal c...
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  4. This excellent book is about Western morality as it interacts with law. The authors examine the history and great diversity of Western thought, the substance of moral ideas, ranging from the ancients to the new old order of the New World. Hazard and Pinto see the various voices articulating moral, political and legal thought as “pregnant with future relevance” for practical decision-making.
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  5. This book offers a rich source of material on the ethical, legal and governance aspects of clinical biobanks, population biobanks and forensic biobanks. Policy makers, academics and legislators will find this book to be current and instructive.
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  6. This book aims to stimulate reflection on current developments in European bioethics, such as the connection between social science and bioethics, care ethics, bioethics and law, and ethics and technology. A common theme in these four topics is the growing interrelationship between disciplines or approaches in bioethics and law.
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  7. Privacy is a central value in liberal political theory – a value that is now enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights: but what does privacy involve, and why should it be so important?
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  8. This volume contains contributions on the need for a new ethical framework for a legal profession in transition
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