1. Advancing the Right to Health Care in China analyses the role of accountability, a Western concept that has recently been introduced to China, in advancing the right to health care in light of China's unique political, legal and social background.
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  2. Access to Medicines

    Verschijnt 25 juni 2014

    Millions of people worldwide lack adequate access to medicines, particularly in developing countries. This book focuses on one aspect of access to medicines: the affordability of essential medicines, and its connection to human rights and patents.
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  3. The right to equal access to health care is a fundamental principle that is part of the human right to health care. For victims of a violation of the human right to equal access to health care it is important that a judicial or quasi-judicial human rights body can adjudicate their complaints in this regard. This book analyses the justiciability of the human right to equal access to health care. It examines how cases concerning unequal access t...
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  4. In an age of globalization, free trade should be synonymous with prosperity for all. Yet too often small farmers, indigenous peoples, people with HIV and others are left out of the picture. The Future of Human Rights Impact Assessments of Trade Agreements proposes a new way to make free trade work for all people.
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