1. This book investigates the concept of procedural autonomy of Member States in the light of EU law. Does procedural autonomy still adequately describe the powers of national lawmakers and courts to design their civil procedural systems or is it misleading?
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  2. De bewijsgaring in strijd met de wet gaf aanleiding tot bewijsuitsluiting. Eerst in het strafrecht, waar het fundament van deze regel ligt, en nadien in het civiele bewijsrecht, maakten recent andere inzichten opgeld.
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  3. The present volume addresses judicial case management and issues of efficiency in civil litigation. Apart from France, the focus is on these issues in three comparatively small jurisdictions which are often ignored in the international legal debate: Scotland, Belgium and the Netherlands. In addition the ALI/Unidroit Principles of Transnational Civil Procedure and the Storme Report are considered.
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