1. The legal situation concerning same-sex couples is far from homogeneous in Europe. This book gives an overview of the formalisation and consequences of same-sex marriage and partnership all over Europe, discusses children’s rights in same-sex relationships and addresses the topic of gender identity.
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  2. This volume explores the first international instrument on the needs of women in prison, the 2010 UN Bangkok Rules.
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  3. Women, Peace, and Security

    Verschijnt 14 augustus 2015

    The adoption of Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security in October 2000 marked the beginning of a global agenda on women in armed conflicts and post-conflict transition. This book discusses the context and the content of this UN agenda and provides a systematic review of its implementation, over the last fifteen years, in peace agreements around the world.
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  4. Gender quotas for company boards are becoming a totemic issue of gender diversity policy in today’s labour market. This book analyses the EU proposal to make such quotas obligatory and brings together the experiences of countries that have, to various degrees, taken the road towards formalising gender balance in the board room.
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  5. Genocidal Gender and Sexual Violence examines how the experiences of victims of genocidal gender and sexual violence have been addressed on a theoretical and practical level.
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  6. Gender-based violence against women is a stubborn problem worldwide. This book explores the transformation of sex roles and gender stereotyping, and interrogates, in the specific context of Jamaica, the implementation of Article 5(a) CEDAW for a social and cultural transformation and the realisation of women’s right to be free from gender-based violence.
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