1. Solvency Requirements for EU Insurers provides a unique insights into the complex world of insurance and will be useful to risk managers, actuaries, accountants, lawyers, board members of (re) insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, consultants, regulators, supervisors, academics, students and, more generally, all those involved with or interested in insurance and in the operation of the insurance market.
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  2. This book addresses the current legitimacy crisis in the contemporary tax landscape by investigating the different aspects that contributed to the loss of trust in the realm of taxation.
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  3. The VAT Directive (Directive 2006/112/EC) in its 2010 version is a major step towards the single market in the EU. It is a true revolution for entrepreneurs, because of the new place of supply rules and the reporting requirements established in this respect. This book provides a chronological overview of the changes in the place of supply rules (step by step).
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  4. This book provides an overview of the role of the independent administrative authorities assigned to the oversight of financial markets, by outlining both the historic and economic background, the warp and the weft of the European system, and where these authorities have emerged and now operate.
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  5. European policy makers consider implementing a common EU tax base which has to be formulary apportioned among the EU Member States. The aim of this book is to develop an apportionment formula that fits best for the EU. For this purpose, existing formulary approaches (US, Canada, Switzerland, Germany) are analyzed in great detail in order to be in a position to pick the best elements of each. In addition, the basic principles of international c...
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