1. The book contains a comparative analysis of mutual recognition in the internal market and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. It assesses mutual recognition in the context of the aims of both areas, the principles of European law and norms laid down in primary and secondary EU law.
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  2. In this book, the authors analyse the ambiguity of the notion of security and its tendency to expand and affect simultaneously different fields of law. More specifically, they address the militarisation of the fight against terrorism, the distinction between administrative and penal sanctions, the limits of intelligence activities and the scope of criminalisation.
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  3. An EU-Wide Letter of Rights

    Verschijnt 22 november 2010

    Everybody who is arrested or questioned by the police on suspicion of involvement in a criminal activity has certain rights, such as the right to remain silent or to consult a lawyer. This book gathers information on the way suspects in the EU Member States are informed in writing of their rights in criminal proceedings. Subsequently a normative framework has been developed based on the jurisprudence of the ECtHR to establish standards and a l...
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  4. Every year, millions of people across Europe – innocent and guilty - are arrested and detained by the police. Based on a three year research study, this book explores and compares access to effective defence in criminal proceedings across nine European jurisdictions that constitute examples of the three major legal traditions in Europe, inquisitorial, adversarial and post-state socialist: Belgium, England & Wales, Finland, France, Germany, Hun...
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  5. This book focuses on the relationship between the two instruments for transnational co-operation in the field of evidence gathering, namely mutual assistance in administrative matters and mutual assistance in criminal matters. This volume not only contains an analysis of the relevant rules on transnational law enforcement co-operation, but also the results of a comparative study into the nature and organisation of national law enforcement in t...
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  6. This book provides an insight into the investigative stage of the criminal process and, in particular, the legal protection of persons suspected of crime, in a number of EU countries: Belgium, England and Wales, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland.
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