1. Market definition plays a critical role in EC competition law, as the first step of any investigation into the nature of competition in a given industry. This book strives for a greater harmony between law and economics in defining antitrust markets.
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  2. Committed to Reform?

    Verschijnt 11 september 2014

    This book provides in-depth case studies of EU competition enforcement in the electricity sector. It shows how the European Commission bends and stretches competition law beyond its proper limits to accommodate non-competition goals. The book’s cross-disciplinary approach and clear, straightforward language makes it a good read for both lawyers and economists interested in the interplay between the EU competition and energy policies and their ...
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  3. After thirteen years of discussion, the Anti-Monopoly Law of the People’s Republic of China was promulgated on 30 August 2007 and entered into force in August 2008. This book investigates to what extent competition goals may influence merger policy by taking a comparative perspective. To address this central research question, this book focuses on four major issues; the legislative history of the Anti-Monopoly Law and merger policy; the evolut...
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  4. This book deals with the endeavor of national and supranational legislators to develop more attractive corporate legal forms and investment frameworks. It focuses on some recent national corporate law reforms, the newly introduced European legal form Societas Europaea and the choice of law in corporate debt securities.
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  5. This book deals with parallel trade of pharmaceuticals from a Law & Economics perspective. In recent judgments (Bayer, Glaxo and Syfait), EU Courts questioned some of the legal principles underpinning the EU policy on parallel trade in the field of pharmaceuticals. Through the analysis of the impact that parallel trade of pharmaceuticals has on consumer welfare, both in a static and in a dynamic sense, this work examines whether the current l...
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  6. This book makes a valuable contribution to the current discussion regarding the private enforcement of competition law, particularly through the use of group litigation. Forms of group litigation are debated not only at the European level, but in countries worldwide. Policy makers, practitioners and academics alike can draw relevant insights about the potentials and pitfalls of group litigation mechanisms.
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