1. This book examines the case law of the European Court of Justice concerning the requirement to interpret national law in conformity with EU law directives. It offers an in-depth analysis of the application of this obligation in three Member States: Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands. The key question underlying this examination is to what extent the established theories of supremacy of EU law, national constitutionalism and constitutional pl...
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  2. This book discusses the impact of EU law on selected national legal systems. The authors analyse how the civil procedure system of their country has reacted to increasing Europeanisation and influence of EU law.
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  3. This rise of a particular kind of European Union legislation known as the ‘optional instrument’ is a novel trend in the context of EU law, and one that until now has not been comprehensively mapped or explored. This study examines and discusses existing and proposed EU Optional Instruments (OIs) in different fields of European law, including company law, intellectual property law and procedural law (such as the European Company, the Community ...
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  4. Eén van de meest spraakmakende ontwikkelingen is de nieuwe Brussel I- of “EEX”-Verordening, die in werking is getreden op 10 januari 2015. De specialisten van de universiteiten van Antwerpen en Leuven hebben dit belangrijke moment aangegrepen om dit Handboek Europees Burgerlijk Procesrecht samen te stellen.
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