1. The book explores, from a comparative perspective, the impact of the European Convention of Human Rights on a wide range of private law issues, including family law, data protection law, media law, copyright law, labour law as well as private international law and procedural law.
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  2. This volume covers the complete scope of European employment law: its foundations in EU primary law and its various sources in EU secondary legislation, as well as the growing body of case law of the European Court of Justice.
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  3. This book discusses the issue of these links and, more specifically, the question of how EU law defines the link needed to obtain the right to reside in a Member State and the right to social and employment protection in that State.
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  4. In dit themanummer van het Tijdschrift voor Bouwrecht en Onroerend Goed komen o.a. volgende thema’s aan bod: buitenlandse werknemers buiten de EU – arbeidskaarten, terbeschikkingstelling van werknemers, arbeidsongevallen en schijnzelfstandigheid.
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  5. Contemporary multicultural issues in Europe raise the question whether the overlap between the non-discrimination regimes of the European Union (EU) and the Council of Europe in the field of public employment may lead to conflicting case law. Would the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) address potential sex, race and religious discrimination in a similar manner or would the Courts take ...
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  6. This book aims to foster the debate on flexicurity in the European Union from a multi-disciplinary approach. It raised key questions, such as: In what context does flexicurity play a role? What are the current challenges for the world of work? What is the meaning of flexicurity? How is it to be understood in European economic and social policy? What is the success of the ‘Danish model’ and is it transferable? What is the effect of the flexicur...
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  7. This book originates from the widespread concern about the ageing of the population, experienced or expected in many industrialised countries, and its possible impact on economic growth and sustainability of social security programmes.
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  8. Introduced into European Community law by the Court of Justice through its case law in the field of free movement of workers, the legal concept of indirect discrimination has evolved into one with far wider and greater relevance to many other areas of EC law as well. This book analyses the concept of indirect discrimination in a broad and comparative context, which encompasses both economic and social law.
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  9. This book deals with certain legal aspects of the European social dialogue as described in the Articles 138 and 139 EC Treaty. On the one hand, legal problems with regard to the conclusion and implementation of agreements between the European social partners' organisations are discussed. On the other hand, the relation between the European social partners' organisations and the EC institutions is scrutinised. The thesis also gives some ideas f...
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