1. Corporate Insolvency Law

    Verschijnt 1 september 2020

    This textbook deals with the foundations and key issues of insolvency law and approaches the topic from a comparative perspective, i.e. it does not concentrate on one insolvency law in particular but rather introduces the relevant rules from various jurisdictions, primarily England (and Wales), France, Germany and those of the USA. It is case focused and designed for learning and teaching insolvency law.
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  2. A comparative analysis of security rights in insolvency proceedings under the main legal traditions of the European Union (common law, Germanic, ‘Napoleonic Code’ and ‘East’ European) in the context of Articles 5 and 13 of the European Insolvency Regulation – Regulation 1346/2000.
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  3. Hoewel de achterstelling van schuldvorderingen in de praktijk courant gebruikt wordt, besteden zowel de rechtspraak als de rechtsliteratuur er maar weinig aandacht aan. Deze allesomvattende studie komt aan deze lacune tegemoet. De auteur biedt een antwoord op de complexe problemen die de achterstelling doet ontstaan.
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  4. Insolvency proceedings have increasingly cross-border effects, which are regulated by many international regulations. This book answers the fascinating question of what the underlying principles of international (cross-border) insolvency laws are and how they can be used for the purpose of further harmonising cross-border insolvency law in the EU and beyond.
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