1. In dit boek wordt het personen- en familierecht in 14 hoofdstukken uitgelegd en verklaard.
    Dit boek verschilt van de andere handboeken over het personen- en familierecht. Na een uiteenzetting van de beginselen en een samenvatting van de rechtstechniek, ligt er ook een nadruk op het recht in context. De huidige rechtstechniek wordt in ruimer perspectief geplaatst om het inzicht erin te verbeteren.

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  2. This book provides a basis for discussion regarding all legal aspects concerning persons born with sex characteristics that do not belong strictly to male or female categories, or that belong to both at the same time. It contains contributions from medical, psychological and theological perspectives, as well as national legal perspectives from Germany, Australia, India, the Netherlands, Columbia, Sweden, France and the USA. It explores interna...
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  3. This book addresses key questions about the division of property when a marriage, civil union, de facto relationship, or other close personal relationship ends. The book adopts a conceptual approach to property division, using New Zealand’s current law as a basis for critical analysis and drawing on international and comparative perspectives.
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  4. The need to allow a change of legal sex/gender in certain cases is no longer disputed in most jurisdictions. The question has therefore shifted to what the requirements for such a change of the legal sex/gender should be. This book examines these thus far under-researched questions, namely what the full legal consequences of a change of legal sex/gender should be, for example with regard to existing legal relationships such as marriages and re...
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  5. This book describes and analyses the different legal approaches and policy discussion regarding cohabitation in the Nordic countries.
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