1. Deze nieuwe zesde editie bespreekt als eerste en (voorlopig) enige het personen- en familierecht zoals het – behoudens verdere wijzigingen – van toepassing zal zijn op 1 april 2019. De stof is systematisch bijgewerkt tot 1 oktober 2018. De auteur heeft verder ook bepaalde recentere rechtspraak verwerkt en, vooral, alle wetgeving die na nog in 2018 is goedgekeurd, tot en met de wet van 21 december 2018 houdende diverse bepalingen inzake jus...
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  2. This book addresses key questions about the division of property when a marriage, civil union, de facto relationship, or other close personal relationship ends. The book adopts a conceptual approach to property division, using New Zealand’s current law as a basis for critical analysis and drawing on international and comparative perspectives.
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  3. The need to allow a change of legal sex/gender in certain cases is no longer disputed in most jurisdictions. The question has therefore shifted to what the requirements for such a change of the legal sex/gender should be. This book examines these thus far under-researched questions, namely what the full legal consequences of a change of legal sex/gender should be, for example with regard to existing legal relationships such as marriages and re...
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  4. This book describes and analyses the different legal approaches and policy discussion regarding cohabitation in the Nordic countries.
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