1. Family Matters

    Verschijnt 22 september 2022

    This book is a collection of 66 essays on family law and family justice by academics and senior judges, celebrating the long and distinguished career of leading family law scholar, John Eekelaar, FBA.
    € 145,-

  2. The volume collects all the relevant instruments in the field of EU private international law in family matters as completed by referencing all decisions issued by the CJEU on these Regulations.
    € 119,-

  3. This volume investigates how the post-crisis supervisory regime of the EU and the Eurozone impacts on bank managers’ duties and on market transactions: in their relationship to the large range of stakeholders, including the public as such, in current lending and investment transactions, in the phase of recovery and resolution (with bail-ins triggering changes of contractual rights), but also in adjudication, namely in banking related ADR schemes.
    € 79,-

  4. The book focuses on the development of marriage law in Ireland from 1937 to the present day, raising broader questions about the appropriate role of law in establishing, preserving and developing inclusive social understandings of marriage.
    € 62,-