1. This book presents a comprehensive framework through which to conceptualize marriage from a law and economics perspective. It shows the economic rationale behind substantive marriage law and proposes an efficient conflict of laws system that prioritizes predictability and congruency in the determination of the applicable law.
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  2. In this comprehensive book, scholars critically examine how AI systems may impact Belgian law. While specific topics of Belgian private and public law are thoroughly addressed, the book also provides a general overview of a number of regulatory and ethical AI evolutions and tendencies in the European Union. In this second edition various chapters have been updated to reflect recent developments in the field. Two chapters covering media law and...
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  3. This book addresses the issue of mothers who, fleeing from domestic violence, take their children with them and thus become liable for international child abduction. It examines how protection measures can help the abducting mother in this context, with a special focus on the utility of Regulation 606/2013 on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters and Directive 2011/99/EU on the European Protection Order, which allow cross-...
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  4. In family law proceedings, such as divorce, children are afforded the right to express their views and these must be considered seriously during the deliberation by the decision-maker. This book examines the international and European human rights frameworks through the lens of the child's right to participate.
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  5. This book focuses on the civil status validity of formalized relationships of same-sex couples when such couples move across borders between EU Member States. The Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, are used as examples of States that are less accommodating of same-sex relationships concluded abroad.
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  6. This volume investigates how the post-crisis supervisory regime of the EU and the Eurozone impacts on bank managers’ duties and on market transactions: in their relationship to the large range of stakeholders, including the public as such, in current lending and investment transactions, in the phase of recovery and resolution (with bail-ins triggering changes of contractual rights), but also in adjudication, namely in banking related ADR schemes.
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  7. The book focuses on the development of marriage law in Ireland from 1937 to the present day, raising broader questions about the appropriate role of law in establishing, preserving and developing inclusive social understandings of marriage.
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