1. Constitutional review has not only expanded geographically; it has also expanded in its mission and function, acquiring new subject areas and new roles and responsibilities. In examining these new roles and responsibilities, this collection reflects on constitutional review as an aspect of constitutionalism framed in the context of multilevel governance.
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  2. The authors of this book critically assess the current stage of social federalism in Belgium and ask how against the background of the major challenge of an ageing population an effective social policy can be shaped. The book considers at which level the bulk of an effective social policy is best situated, what the role of the sub-national entities can be, and which limitations are imposed by the constitutional and European framework. The vari...
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  3. Deze uitgave is geschreven vanuit het perspectief van de praktijkjurist en behandelt achtereenvolgens de normen waartegen beroep kan worden ingesteld, de rechtstreekse en onrechtstreekse toetsingsnormen, de rechtswegen en de procedure.
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