1. The authors not only write an accessible guide to Power BI, the Microsoft self service reporting software, they also explain the importance of business intelligence for diverse business processes. This book is the ideal introduction for all who want to become familiar with Power BI. No prior knowledge needed! * Learn how to present Big Data en KPI’s attractively and flexibly. * Use the online files to complete the exercises. * Genuine cas...
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  2. In Human Resource Management Basics the author covers the primordial HR issues such as recruitment and selection, socialisation and leadership, improved performance and dismissal of staff. Suitable for both practitioners and students who want to acquire a strong basic background in HR. Read the word of the author: https://intersentia.be/nl/auteur-aan-het-woord-ralf-caers/
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  3. Entrepreneurship: no guts, no glory is a provocative scientifically reasoned book about the impact of entrepreneurship on the economy and our quality of life. The author argues for an enterprise and entrepreneurship-friendly ecosystem in Europe, and sets out concrete guidelines to achieve this.
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  4. This Liber Amicorum brings together the 20 contributions, in honour of Lutgart Van den Berghe.
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  5. This book is unique as it goes beyond the classical academic approach, and opts for an approach whereby the theoretical insights are systematically illustrated by concrete cases and exercises. This explains its title: Financial Management in Practice. This approach makes this book very suitable both for financial managers and for university and high school students.
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  6. What determines a company’s financial health and what drives company value? This third-edition book enables non-specialists to grasp all relevant financial information using tools that allow efficient financial analyses and allows specialists to gain new perspectives on the matter.
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  7. Risk taking in business contributes towards innovation while excessive risk taking is associated with corporate failure. This book illustrates how insurance against personal liability of the manager threatens – but also benefits – society and the economy
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  8. Since there are currently no “codes of best practice” for internal governance, the authors had to rely on governance literature, governance experts and their own research to develop a number of basic principles of internal governance within corporations.
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  9. This book gives you a systematic and comprehensive overview of all specific aspects and methods related to the valuation of small and medium-sized companies, while it also presents alternative ways to look at the valuation and valuation process using practical cases and examples. It not only presents a wide range of techniques to determine the value of a business, but also offers you interesting insights to challenge the different traditional ...
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