1. Bauhaus Laws

    Verschijnt 20 mei 2019

    The year 2019 marks the centenary of the founding of the Bauhaus, arguably the most influential school of art and design in the modern era. Commemorative activities will focus on its culture-historical significance, with scant attention being paid to a more fundamental question: the ramifications on legal and political thinking caused by the deep-seated transformation of the material world during the so-called age of extremes.
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  2. This book provides for a comprehensive overview of the various areas of European labour law: fundamental rights, free movement of workers and posting, equal treatment, a-typical forms of employment, collective bargaining and collective agreements, restructuring of enterprises and health and safety.
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  3. In the past decades the coordination of social security provisions of the European Union have become of vital importance. This book gives a clear overview of the main lines and main developments of this significant part of EU law.
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