1. Margins of Conflict

    Verschijnt 30 november 2010

    This book focuses on the margins of conflict: human rights aspects of transitions from peace to armed conflict and vice versa. In a stimulating way, experts in their field offer food for thought on a broad range of material and especially procedural issues concerning the limits human rights put on European societies which are on the brink of armed conflict and on the consequences of human rights violations committed during the armed conflict ...
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  2. The loss of one’s house is often one of the most dramatic personal consequences of armed conflict. In fragile post-conflict societies such a loss does not only cause a flow of refugees and other displaced persons, but it can also be a source of renewed conflict. Restitution of housing could help to solve these problems and thus help to attain peace and to rebuild the rule of law. This study focuses on the legal aspects of restitution.
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