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Law and Cosmopolitan Values

The Law & Cosmopolitan Values series contains monographs and collections of essays that address fundamental topics in law and globalisation, which range over doctrinal as well as normative questions of International and European law, human rights, justice and democracy. A main purpose of the series is to encourage scholarship that explores and transcends the categories and assumptions on which contemporary debates on globalization are conducted, and to stimulate reflection upon questions concerning the interplay between law, policy and principle.

Recognizing that there is non sharp distinction between theoretical and systematic work in the field from an analysis of law in context, the editors welcome studies from a wide variety of methodological traditions.
The contributions to the series which inevitably cross disciplinary lines appeal to students, researchers and professionals in public law, international law, human rights law, political science, legal, and political philosophy.

Editorial Board: Koen De Feyter, Patricia Popelier and Wouter Vandenhole.

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  1. The Doctrine of Conventionality Control
    274 blz. | hardback

    This book studies the doctrine of conventionality control in the Inter-American Human Rights System. It appeals to the principle of subsidiarity as a theoretical key to solve some of the inherent tensions of a doctrine that aims to increase the effectiveness of the American Convention on Human Rights and the decisions of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in a plurality of constitutional systems and traditions in the region.
    € 89,-
  2. Common Interests in International Litigation
    204 blz. | hardback

    Common Interests in International Litigation provides answers to questions that international litigation faces as the result of an increasing recognition of common interests in this area, with an ever-expanding network of specialised judicial bodies.
    € 65,-
  3. Criticism of the European Court of Human Rights
    571 blz. | hardback

    The goal of the volume is to explore how widespread criticism of the European Court of Human Rights is. It also assesses to what extent such criticism is being translated in strategies at the political level or at the judicial level and brings about concrete changes in the dynamics between national and European fundamental rights protection.
    € 150,-
  4. Towards Shared Accountability in International Human Rights Law
    354 blz. | hardback

    Non- State actors as well as foreign States, influence decision-making. This reality particularly affects the enjoyment and implementation of economic, social and cultural (ESC) rights.
    € 85,-

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  5. Participatory Democracy, Civil Society and Social Europe
    238 blz. | hardback

    Whereas participatory democracy was traditionally meant to further the maximum participation of citizens in political life, the EU supports a modern version of the participatory ideal where citizens are represented by a selfdesignated elite of civil society experts. This book takes a critical stance on that technocratic form of government. At the same time, it examines whether there are realistic ways for a bureaucratic organization like the E...
    € 75,-
  6. Women, Peace, and Security

    Verschijnt 14 augustus 2015<
    Women, Peace, and Security
    334 blz. | hardback

    The adoption of Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security in October 2000 marked the beginning of a global agenda on women in armed conflicts and post-conflict transition. This book discusses the context and the content of this UN agenda and provides a systematic review of its implementation, over the last fifteen years, in peace agreements around the world.
    € 75,-
  7. The Common Interest in International Law
    234 blz. | hardback

    What lies in the common interest of the international community? How are those common interests protected? What is the role of states and of the international community? This book looks at the protection of common interests and shows how international law is progressively moving away from a system based on territorial sovereignty to a system based on shared responsibilities among states and other actors.
    € 70,-
  8. National Constitutional Identity and European Integration
    326 blz. | hardback

    ‘National constitutional identity’ has become the new ‘buzz word’ in European constitutionalism over the past few years. Much has been written about the concept. This collection brings together a series of contributions from the perspective of both scholars and judges in order to shed some light over the dark corners of constitutional identity. To this end a threefold approach has been followed: a conceptual or philosophical approach, an appro...
    € 85,-
  9. The Role of Constitutional Courts in Multilevel Governance
    312 blz. | hardback

    Constitutional review has not only expanded geographically; it has also expanded in its mission and function, acquiring new subject areas and new roles and responsibilities. In examining these new roles and responsibilities, this collection reflects on constitutional review as an aspect of constitutionalism framed in the context of multilevel governance.
    € 75,-
  10. Social Inclusion and Social Protection in the EU: Interactions between Law and Policy
    234 blz. | hardback

    The interaction between legal instruments and policy coordination in the field of social inclusion and social protection constitutes the theme of this book. The contributions essentially inquire whether there is any interaction at all, or if the two realms of law and policy of the EU function in parallel. If there is any sort of interchange between the two, in what areas is it taking place, and what does it result into?
    € 55,-
  11. Human rights protection in the European legal order: The interaction between the European and the national courts
    384 blz. | hardback

    This book zooms in on various aspects of the interaction between courts in the complex European system of human rights protection. Where courts are faced with a human rights claim, they not only have to examine the validity of that claim, but also need to have a clear understanding of the human rights catalogue that is to be applied, i.e. human rights as guaranteed by the national constitution, human rights as protected under EU law, based or ...
    € 89,-