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KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law Series

The KU Leuven Centre for IT & IP Law Series brings together the results of research activities of the Centre for IT & IP Law.

The central research themes of the series concern the legal and ethical aspects of information technology, innovation and intellectual property.

Each book in the series focuses on the essential developments in the current legal framework, necessitated by the rapid evolution of technology in various fields, such as government, media, health care, informatics, digital economy, banking, transport and culture. The research is characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, constantly cross-fertilising legal, technical, economic, ethical and socio-cultural perspectives.

Books are published in English, Dutch and/or French.
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De KU Leuven Center for IT & IP Law Series verzamelt de resultaten van de onderzoeksactiviteiten van het Centrum voor IT & IP-recht.

In de reeks komen de juridische en ethische aspecten van informatietechnologie, innovatie en intellectuele eigendom aan bod.

Elk boek in de reeks belicht de belangrijke ontwikkelingen in het bestaande juridische kader die noodzakelijk zijn omwille van de snelle technologische evolutie in verschillende sectoren zoals de overheid, de media, de gezondheidszorg, informatica, de digitale economie, banken, transport en cultuur.

Elk onderwerp wordt interdisciplinair benaderd met een voortdurende kruisbestuiving tussen de juridische, technische, economische, ethische en sociaal-culturele domeinen.

De volumes in de reeks verschijnen in het Engels, Nederlands en / of Frans.
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Verschenen uitgaven in de reeks

  1. Handboek merkenrecht, tweede editie
    550 blz. | hardback

    Nieuwe editie - verschijnt in september 2022 Met dit boek biedt de auteur een volledig begrip van de bepalingen van het merkenrecht van kracht in de Benelux en in de Europese Unie. Ze bespreekt grondig de rechtsregels over de geldigheidsvereistenn voor een merk, de procedures voor het verkrijgen van een merk, de rechten van de merkhouder en de uitzonderingen daarop, de wijzen van beëindiging van een merk en de regels die in het kader van ge...
    € 147,-
  2. Artificial Intelligence and the Law (2nd edition)
    500 blz. | hardback

    In this comprehensive book, scholars critically examine how AI systems may impact Belgian law. While specific topics of Belgian private and public law are thoroughly addressed, the book also provides a general overview of a number of regulatory and ethical AI evolutions and tendencies in the European Union. In this second edition various chapters have been updated to reflect recent developments in the field. Two chapters covering media law and...
    € 150,-
  3. The Patient, Data Protection and Changing Healthcare Models
    405 blz. | hardback

    Healthcare is changing. This volume explores patient autonomy and data protection laws in light of developments in modern healthcare systems, particularly ICT in healthcare and personalised medicine. A must-read for every professional active in the field of data protection law, health law, policy development or IT-driven innovation.
    € 120,-
  4. Smart contracts
    403 blz. | hardback

    Deze uitgave biedt juridische professionals een kritisch inzicht in een van de potentieel meest disruptieve toepassingen van dit decennium. Het gaat op bevattelijke wijze dieper in op de concepten blockchain en smart contracts, op de impact op het financieel recht, het vennootschapsrecht, het verzekeringsrecht, het auteursrecht, het consumentenrecht en het notariaat en op de gevolgen voor het internationaal privaatrecht.

    € 84,70 € 121,-
  5. Children's Rights and Commercial Communication in the Digital Era
    332 blz. | hardback

    This book presents an original and timely fundamental rethinking of the regulatory framework of commercial communication from a children’s rights perspective. Offering a carefully considered, well-documented overview and in-depth evaluation of several legislative frameworks, policy documents, self- and co-regulatory initiatives and literature from a variety of disciplines, it works towards the development of children’s rights-inspired recommen...
    € 73,50
  6. Handboek merkenrecht
    541 blz. | hardback

    Dit handboek wil de lezer een volledig begrip bieden van alle bepalingen van het merkenrecht die van kracht zijn in de Benelux en in de Europese Unie. Na een overzicht van het wettelijk kader volgt een grondige bespreking van de rechtsregels over de geldigheidsvereisten voor een merk, de procedures voor het verkrijgen van een merk, de rechten van de merkhouder en de uitzonderingen daarop, de wijzen van beëindiging van een merk en de ...

    € 98,- € 140,-
  7. Rethinking IT and IP Law

    Verschijnt 1 oktober 2019<
    Rethinking IT and IP Law
    331 blz. | hardback

    This book is a liber amicorum of the Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP). It is published on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIR) and the Interdisciplinary Centre for Law and ICT (ICRI) to which it is since 2014 the successor. To celebrate this jubilee, it was decided to publish a book containing contributions from former and current researchers of our centre.

    € 32,90 € 47,-
  8. Security and Law
    344 blz. | hardback

    This book combines theoretical discussions of the concepts at stake and case studies following the relevant developments of ICT and data-driven technologies. Part I sets the scene by considering definitions of security. Part II questions whether and, if so, to what extent the law has been able to regulate the use of ICT and datadriven technologies as a means to maintain, protect or raise security, in search of a balance between security ...
    € 100,-
  9. Data Protection Law in the EU: Roles, Responsibilities and Liability
    694 blz. | hardback

    Practically every organisation in the world processes personal data. European data protection law imposes a series of requirements designed to protect individuals against the risks that result from the processing of their data. It also distinguishes among different types of actors involved in the processing and sets out different obligations for each type of actor. The most important distinction in this regard is the distinction between 'contr...
    € 121,-
  10. When an Original Is Not Original
    174 blz. | hardback

    This book analyses a select number of incarnations of the originality requirement in different branches of Belgian law in order to establish whether common elements or a common root can be found. These findings will subsequently be applied to the practice of digitalization in law in order to gain a better understanding of how the concept of originality should be interpreted in this matter.
    € 68,-
  11. Intermediary Liability and Freedom of Expression in the EU: from concepts to safeguards
    426 blz. | hardback

    States increasingly delegate regulatory and police functions to internet intermediaries. This may lead to interference with the right to freedom of expression. In a time when these issues are of particular relevance, Intermediary liability and freedom of expression in the EU provides the reader with a framework to protect the freedom of expression in an online world.
    € 110,-
  12. The Impact of Cybercrime on Belgian Businesses
    139 blz. | hardback

    Building on that large multidisciplinary project, the book assesses the impact of cybercrime on businesses based in Belgium, drawing from a thorough conceptualization of both cybercrime and its impact. Using data collected through two surveys, the authors report that most of the responding businesses are confronted with at least one type of cybercrime every year and some of them suffer serious harm from these incidents. The book calls for t...

    € 58,-
  13. European Libraries and the Internet: Copyright and Extended Collective Licences
    448 blz. | hardback

    European Libraries and the Internet: Copyright and Extended Collective Licences examines libraries' online use of in-copyright works from their collections and how such use is affected by copyright. In particular, the book examines whether the system of extended collective licences could facilitate online access without territorial limitations to in-copyright works in libraries, within Europe or more specifically within the European Economic A...
    € 110,-
  14. Virtual currencies: a legal framework
    500 blz. | hardback

    This book focuses on the legal aspects of virtual currencies from the perspective of financial and economic law. It establishes a typology of virtual currencies and assesses whether they can be considered as money. The author analyzes whether the EU legal frameworks on electronic money, payment services, anti-money laundering, and markets in financial instruments can be applied to virtual currencies.
    € 142,-