European Energy Law Report VIII

The European Energy Law Report VIII presents an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of EU and national energy and climate change law as discussed at the 2010 European Energy Law Seminar.
Martha M. Roggenkamp, Ulf Hammer
Energy & Law
boek | verschenen | 1e editie
augustus 2011 | xxvi + 224 blz.

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ISBN 9781780680125

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The European Energy Law Report VIII presents an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of EU and national energy and climate change law as discussed at the 2010 European Energy Law Seminar.

The first part discusses new developments following the energy liberalisation process and the Third Energy Package. It includes an overview of the recent EU case law on competition in the energy sector. This is followed by a discussion about the cooperation of TSOs and, in particularly, the role of ENTSO as well as an analysis of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) and its role in enhancing the cooperation of national energy regulators. Finally, it discusses Regulation 994/2010 as a measure to improve the EU's security of gas supply.

The second part deals with the promotion of renewable energy sources in a liberalised market. It examines Directive 2009/28/EC as Europe‘s new tool to reach its ambitious goals of 20% renewables in 2020. Thereafter, it discusses Denmark’s new law providing new incentives for the promotion of onshore wind energy.

The third part concentrates on investments in the energy sector and climate change. It begins with an analysis of the EU rules concerning energy and investment after the Lisbon Treaty. Thereafter the focus turns to the Yukos case and international arbitration by foreign energy investors in Russia. Finally, it examines direct foreign investment and its role for combating climate change.

With contributions by Nicole Ahner, Jens Bengtsson, Anatole Boute, Adrien de Hauteclocque, Nadia Horstmann, Florence Melchior, Steven de Moel, Silke Mutter Goldberg, Elisabeth Tuerk, Moritz von Unger, Wim Vandenberghe, Hans Vedder, Stefan Weishaar and Edwin Woerdman.


Table of Contents (p. 0)

Part I. The Third Energy Package and the Promotion of Market Liberalisation – Competition Law and Cross-border Integration

Chapter I. Competition in the EU Energy Sector – An Overview of Developments in 2009 and 2010 (p. 1)

Chapter II. Cooperation between TSOs: Background, Organisation and Netcodes (p. 21)

Chapter III. Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators Its Particularities and Its Role in Enhancing the Cooperation of National Energy Regulators (p. 43)

Part II. Promoting Security of Energy Supply and the Production of Renewable Energy Sources in a Liberalised Market

Chapter IV. Regulation 994/2010: A Measure to Improve the Security of Gas Supply in the EU? (p. 59)

Chapter V. The Framework for Supporting Renewable Energy in Europe: Implementing Directive 2009/28/EC (p. 93)

Chapter VI. New Incentives for Promoting More Wind Power in Denmark (p. 117)

Part III. Investments in the Energy and Climate Change Sector

Chapter VII. EU Rules concerning Energy and Investment after the Lisbon Treaty (p. 131)

Chapter VIII. Access to International Arbitration by Foreign Energy Investors in Russia The Impact of the Yukos Decision on Jurisdiction (p. 165)

Chapter IX. The Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Combating Climate Change (p. 183)

Chapter X. New Auction Rules under the EU Climate Change Regime: Optimal Prevention of Market Abuse? (p. 207)

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Energy & Law

Energy & Law is a series which closely monitors the developments in energy law. Since the liberalisation of the gas and electricity markets and the development of sustainable energy sources, the European energy markets have been in constant development.

Market players have adapted themselves to these new market circumstances and the market structure of the energy sector has change thoroughly under the influence of free competition. The implementation of the EU liberalisation directives will change the organisation and working methods of the energy markets.

Energy & Law is published in parallel with the Dutch series Energie & Recht.
Editorial Committee:
- Prof. Martha M. Roggenkamp (University of Groningen, the Netherlands) - editor in chief
- Prof K. Deketelaere (University of Leuven, Belgium and University of Dundee, Scotland)

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