Raluca Dimitriu


Raluca Dimitriu is Labour Law Professor at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Law Department Bucharest, Romania.

Since 2011, she is PhD Coordinator, and Director of the Doctoral School of Law – within the University of Economic Studies. She publishes constantly studies in juridical revues and participates in international conferences in Romania, Austria, France, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, being also the author of other several monographs published in the labour law field.

She is also principal researcher within the Legal Research Institute of Romanian Academy and she was member in several international research projects as national expert or team leader, director of national research projects and member in other national projects selected on the basis of public competition.

As a trainer for Magistrates specialized in Labour Law - National Institute for Magistracy, Bucharest, she is also in a permanent contact with the practical field of industrial relations. She is national expert for European network of legal experts in the field of labour law, international project coordinated by European Labour Law Network and member of Scientific Committee of the Institute of Juridical Researches, Romanian Academy, Member of Scientific Committee of REGES - Forum pour la Régulation de l'Europe Sociale, etc. She is member in several scientific boards: ‘Romanian Labour Law Review’, ‘Juridical Studies and Researches’ (of the Romanian Academy), ‘Juridical Tribune’, ‘Accounting Management and Information System’, ‘Perspectives of Business Law Journal’, etc.

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