Uwe Kracht


Uwe Kracht, an agricultural economist with a PhD degree from the Technical University Berlin, has dedicated most of his professional career to sustainable, human-centered development, with emphasis on food, agriculture, nutrition and the elimination of poverty. In pursuit of these activities, he has been involved in efforts to place these within a framework determined by ethical and human rights principles.

After working as an international manager in the US food industry with responsibilities for Latin America, Europe, Australia and Japan, he joined the United Nations system in the early 1970s to advance the fight against hunger and malnutrition through the work of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN World Food Council (WFC) over a period of two decades. As WFC’s Chief of Policy Development and Economic Analysis he was responsible for the successful negotiation at the UN General Assembly to incorporate specific hunger-alleviation goals into the International Development Strategy for the 1990s. He was also co-convener of consultations between Bretton Woods institutions and UN agencies on food and anti-poverty objectives in structural adjustment programs, which contributed to changes in policy and operational procedures in the concerned institutions.

Since the mid-1990s, he was active as an independent development consultant, promoting the application of economic, social and cultural rights to food, nutrition and broader development problems, which included responsibility for launching a broad- based NGO initiative for the implementation of the 1996 World Food Summit’s recommendations to clarify and operationalize the right to food as a fundamental human right.

He has written extensively on food, nutrition and development issues. His over 50 publications include two books on food security and nutrition and two on food and human rights in development.

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