Wenche Barth Eide

Barth Eide

Wenche Barth Eide is a Norwegian human rights scholar with base in Law and Social Science Research. She is emeritus Associate Professor at the University of Oslo, Department of Nutrition (until 1997 under Nordic School of Nutrition).

She holds a Master's Degree (Cand. real.) of Zoology (Zoo-physiology) at the University of Oslo 1962, and a Postgraduate Academic Diploma in Nutrition at the University of London (1965–66). She became a University Fellow, at the Institute for Nutrition Research (1963–66), then moved to the US and became a Consultant to the UN System (UN Protein-Calorie Advisory Group, PAG) to lead an African-Norwegian team to prepare a first ever report of the UN on Women in Food Production, Food Handling and Nutrition, on leave from UiO 18 months, 1975-1976.

She was a Consultant, of the Norwegian Research Council (at the time Council for Research on Societal Planning, RFSP). Then she became Technical Adviser in Nutrition, at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in Rome (1989–94) on leave from UiO.

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