Charlotte Mol

Charlotte Mol won the 2019 FJR Prize on 28 November for her publication 'Maturity and the Child's Right to be Heard in Family Law Proceedings - Article 12 UNCRC and Case Law of the ECtHR Compared' (published in K. Boele-Woelki & D. Martiny (ed.), Plurality and Diversity of Family Relations in Europe, 2019). The FJR Prize is awarded annually by the Family and Juvenile Law Association to the best article by a young researcher in the field of family and juvenile law. The article compares the age and maturity requirements for the right of children to be heard in family law proceedings in Article 12 CRC and the case law of the ECtHR. Possible explanations for the similarities and differences are offered and the implications for European states are discussed. The jury praised the article for its quality, originality and readability.

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