Silvia Barona Vilar

Barona Vilar

Silvia Barona Vilar is Professor of Procedural Law and carries out her activity in the Faculty of Law.

n the area of university management, Dr. Barona has been Secretary and Director of the Department of Administrative and Procedural Law, Vice-dean of International Relationships and of Studies of the Faculty of Law. She was member of the Constitutional Committee, of the Doctorate Studies Committee, of the Studies Committee, of the Consultative Board; she is currently member of the Senate of the University, as well as Senior Vice-president of the General Foundation of the University.

“Honoris Causa” Doctor of the Autonomous University Gabriel René Moreno (Bolivia), has a Gran Cruz de San Raimundo de Peñafort (Grand Cross of San Raimundo of Peñafort) and Honorary Consul of the Market of Valencia, has received scientific training in Germany, where she has received diverse scholarships (DAAD, Max-Planck, Alexander von Humboldt). She has completed research stays in different Universities, Harvard, Nueva York, Edimburgo, Mainz, Cambridge, among others.

Sole author of 15 books; shared authorship in 91 books, some under her direction; has published a hundred articles in national and foreigner journals.

She has given lectures and courses in most of the Spanish and Latin American universities. She Has participated in training courses of judges, arbitrator, attorneys, lawyers, etc. In the last years in her professional career her link with mediation and arbitration has stood out.

She is arbitrator, was President of the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia (2007-2011), and she currently is closely linked to mediation. She was member of the Committee of 8 experts of the Ministry of Justice for the elaboration of the Principles of Law on the Distribution of Courts and Cases.

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