Jannemieke Ouwerkerk


Jannemieke Ouwerkerk (1981) is an Associate Professor of Criminal Law at Tilburg Law School. She has a law degree from Utrecht University (LL.M. 2006). She obtained her PhD degree from Tilburg University in 2011 for her dissertation “Quid Pro Quo? A comparative law perspective on the mutual recognition of judicial decisions in criminal matters”. Jannemieke’s research focuses on EU criminal law, the cooperation in criminal affairs between EU Member States and the Europeanisation of national criminal law. Her current research concerns the harmonisation of substantive criminal law in the EU.

She has been awarded in 2014 a grant under the VENI scheme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research for her three-year research project ‘Symbol or substance? Towards a systematic application of criminalisation criteria in EU Law’. Jannemieke is a member of the Standing Committee of Experts on International Immigration, Refugee and Criminal law (Meijers Committee), and chair of the Foundation Mens en Strafrecht (mensenstrafrecht.nl).

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