Ulrike Wendeling-Schröder


Ulrike Wendeling-Schröder completed her law studies in 1971 in Marburg and Freiburg. In that same year she took the first state examination in law, in 1975 the second state examination in law.

In 1975 she started practical training in the legal advice department of the DGB, the German Federation of Unions (Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) in Düsseldorf. From 1977 till 1993 she was Researcher at the WSI (Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut), the Social and Economic Research Institute in Düsseldorf. In 1984 she obtained her PhD-degree in law at the University of Bremen.

In 1992 she received an Habilitation (Venia legend) at the University of Frankfurt for private law, commercial law and labour law. Since 1993 she is Professor labour law and civil law at the faculty of law at University of Hanover.

She is co-Editor of "New Journal of Labour Law", advisory council of “Labour and Law” and member of the European Working Group on Labour Law (EWLL).

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