Cedric Ryngaert


Cedric Ryngaert (lic. jur. Leuven 2001; PhD Leuven 2007) is Chair of Public International Law at Utrecht University (Netherlands). He is the research team leader of a project on unilateralism and global values, funded by the European Research Council and the Dutch Organization for Scientific Research. Until 2014, he also taught at Leuven University.
Among other publications, he authored Jurisdiction in International Law (OUP 2008), and co-edited The International Prosecutor (OUP 2012). In 2012, Cedric obtained the Prix Henri Rolin, a five-yearly prize for international law and international relations for his work on jurisdiction. Cedric was co-rapporteur of the International Law Association’s Committee on Non-State Actors between 2007 and 2014. He is currently an editor of the “Netherlands International Law Review, Human Rights and International Legal Discourse” and the “Utrecht Law Review”. He has been guest lecturer at the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, the China EU School of Law, Reykjavik University, Université de Liège, Kent University, Hasselt University, and University College Lessius Antwerp. Cedric’s main research interests are: jurisdiction and immunities, non-state actors in international law, the law of international organizations, the interplay between human rights and general international law, international criminal law and post-conflict justice, and the role of domestic courts in the implementation of international law.

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