A Short History of Legal Validity and Invalidity

This book traces the uncharted history of validity and invalidity, two central categories of legal thought ubiquitous in contemporary private and public law. It shows how they emerged in response to social needs that remain pressing today.
Maris Köpcke
boek | verschenen | 1e editie
augustus 2019 | xiv + 160 blz.


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'[...] a short and breath-taking overview of the history of validity in Western legal culture from Roman law to constitutional control.' -- Frederik Dhondt, Forum Historiae Iuris, 2021.

The twin ideas of legal validity and invalidity are ubiquitous in contemporary private and public law. But their roots lie buried deep in European legal culture. This book for the first time traces and reveals these roots. In the course of a 2000-year journey through landmark texts of the Western tradition, from Roman law to modern codification and constitutionalism, the book shows that, contrary to what is often assumed, validity and invalidity originated in the domain of private transactions and only gradually came to be deployed in the domain of official power and law-making. This went hand in hand with legal thought’s acknowledgement that law-making itself can be (in)valid, because legally limited, most recently by a body of constitutionally enshrined human rights. Understanding why, not only when, the technique of validity appeared, teaches valuable lessons about the kinds of social and political transformation that this technique can help realise – particularly in our age of emerging legal orders, shifting forms of governance, and fresh challenges to the regulation of exchanges in a digitally scripted world.

This accessibly written work will appeal to anyone concerned with validity or invalidity in legal scholarship and practice, whether in public or private law.

Dr Maris Köpcke is a Research Fellow at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, and a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Barcelona. She holds a doctorate from Oxford, which won the European Award for Legal Theory 2011. She is the author of Legal Validity: The Fabric of Justice (2019).

The book features over a dozen original drawings by the author’s mother, Trini Tinturé.


Table of contents and preliminary pages (p. 0)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 1. Introduction (p. 1)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 2. Our Technique of Legal Validity (p. 11)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 3. Roman Private Law: Rowing Against the Tide (p. 23)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 4. Roman Law-Making: Power Usurped (p. 39)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 5. Gratian’s Decretum (Mid-12th): A Novel Use (p. 51)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 6. The Decretals (Mid-13th): The Terminology Settles (p. 65)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 7. Bartolus (Mid-14th): From a World State to a World of States (p. 73)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 8. Suarez (Early 17th): Inherent Legal Power (p. 99)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 9. Codes and Constitutions (19th Onwards): The Table s are Turned (p. 115)

Maris Köpcke

Chapter 10. Conclusion (p. 137)

Maris Köpcke

Bibliography (p. 147)

Maris Köpcke

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