The Future of Business and Human Rights

This book presents theoretical and practical considerations on whether it would be feasible to adopt an international treaty on business and human rights to address corporate human rights abuses.
Jernej Letnar Cernic, Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli
boek | verwacht | 1e editie
januari 2018 | 310 blz.

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ISBN 9781780684918

Verschijnt 24 januari 2018


It is an undeniable fact that corporations participate in human rights abuses throughout the world. Yet there is disagreement among scholars, politicians and business actors about the best approaches to preventing and responding to those abuses and whether it would be feasible to adopt a treaty on the matter.

This book explores the potential adoption of a treaty on business and human rights, first proposed by Ecuador and South Africa. Would such a treaty be practicable and what should its content be – should it regulate direct corporate obligations or extraterritorial obligations? How can experiences of other international legal regimes and developments in regional systems inform the global debate on business and human rights?

The Future of Business and Human Rights informs the reader – academics, practitioners and policy makers – about the current debate that is at centre of legal and diplomatic discussion.

Jernej Letnar Černič is Associate Professor of Human Rights Law at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies and Senior Research Fellow at the University Institute of European Studies in Turin, Italy.

Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli, is Professor of International Law at La Sabana University, Colombia and has experience as a clerk in the Colombian Constitutional Court.


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