1. Legality in Europe

    Verschijnt 23 juni 2018

    Through the establishment of EU criminal law, EU actors have come to influence the definition and interpretation of domestic crimes and penalties. Both the EU legislature and the CJEU define and interpret provisions of EU law with relevance for the determination of criminal liability and the prescription of applicable penalties in the law of the Member States. This influence on substantive criminal law raises questions about the limits to thes...
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  2. Although rooted in a similar ideal, human rights (IHRL), international criminal law (ICL) and international humanitarian law (IHL) are separate fields of law, best represented as circles, each of which overlaps with the other two. However human rights often seems to absorb the other two, while in other situations, the lines between human rights law and its next door neighbours are blurred or contested.
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  3. Human Rights Tectonics. Global Perspectives on Integration and Fragmentation is a collaborative effort of internationally renowned Human Rights experts who analyse the effectiveness of legal protection in a highly fragmented and multilayered Human Rights system.
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  4. Advancing the Right to Health Care in China analyses the role of accountability, a Western concept that has recently been introduced to China, in advancing the right to health care in light of China’s unique political, legal and social background.
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