1. This book is devoted to the applicable law to contractual and non-contractual obligations in the European Union as applied before the Courts.
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  2. This fifty-third volume of the Annotated Leading Cases of International Criminal Tribunals contains decisions taken by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda 2010-2012.
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  3. This collection of essays addresses the most pressing contemporary issues in international law and relations. The authors are leading experts and renowned actors on the international stage or in national jurisdictions.
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  4. Competition Policy in Healthcare

    Verschijnt 15 oktober 2018

    A health insurance system or a taxation-funded National Health Service (NHS)? Universal healthcare provision or marketization and competition? This book explores the development of competition policy in Dutch and English healthcare in light of tensions arising from these seemingly opposed ideas.
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  5. This Research Guide focuses on how to find and use instruments of international organizations and is mainly intended to be a practical instrument for students at an advanced level, lawyers and public servants. It offers a detailed description on how to do research in sources of international law in the most efficient way.
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