1. Opbergband Competitio

    Verschijnt 3 april 2018

    U kunt het tijdschrift bewaren in een handige opbergmap. Vous pouvez ranger le magazine dans un classeur pratique.
    € 25,-

  2. The Active Role of Courts in Consumer Litigation traces the emergence of a specific EU Law doctrine governing the role of the national courts in proceedings involving consumers that whilst only established more recently, has already become an important benchmark for effective consumer protection.
    € 89,-

  3. This book is an in-depth study of the US and EU approaches towards consumer sales remedies that comprehensively discusses the three important elements of the organisation of consumer sales remedies: the hierarchy of remedies, the (extra)judicial application of remedies and notification duties.
    € 59,-

  4. This volume investigates how the post-crisis supervisory regime of the EU and the Eurozone impacts on bank managers’ duties and on market transactions: in their relationship to the large range of stakeholders, including the public as such, in current lending and investment transactions, in the phase of recovery and resolution (with bail-ins triggering changes of contractual rights), but also in adjudication, namely in banking related ADR schemes.
    € 79,-