1. Legality in Europe

    Verschijnt 23 juni 2018

    Through the establishment of EU criminal law, EU actors have come to influence the definition and interpretation of domestic crimes and penalties. Both the EU legislature and the CJEU define and interpret provisions of EU law with relevance for the determination of criminal liability and the prescription of applicable penalties in the law of the Member States. This influence on substantive criminal law raises questions about the limits to thes...
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  2. This book compares and explains how the key European Union and European Economic Area legal principles of consistent interpretation are applied and developed by national courts in 14 different European Union and European Free Trade Association Member States.
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  3. This book shall be an introduction into the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) as an international organization and, inter alia, as a platform for its member states’ relations with the EU and for jointly negotiated Free Trade Agreements. EFTA – originally set up by the UK - is an example of how countries that do not want to be members of the EU can still have close links with it. This may serve as food for thought in the current Brexit deb...
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  4. Judicial Law-making in English and German Courts is the first monograph in English that compares English and German legal methodology as applied in judicial practice, appealing to those interested in statutory interpretation, comparative law or legal methodology.
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  5. This book analyses the background, scope and practical impact of bilateral treaties and multilateral conventions concluded by selected Member States of the European Union with Third States, both from the European and the Third State perspective.
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