1. De oplossingsgerichte coach

    Verschijnt 15 januari 2018

    Deze nieuwe uitgave geeft een heldere schets van het oplossingsgericht denkkader. Na een introductie zoomt de auteur in op de competenties van een oplossingsgerichte coach. De lezer maakt kennis met het Brugse model, dat rijkelijk geïllustreerd wordt met voorbeelden uit de praktijk.
    € 24,-

  2. While promoting a holistic approach and highlighting the role of human motivation, the authors show how financial and strategic performance control processes can be integrated to create and improve internal strategic alignment. This book conceptualises the management control concepts, methods and practices used to manage both financial and strategic performance.
    € 49,-

  3. This book presents theoretical and practical considerations on whether it would be feasible to adopt an international treaty on business and human rights to address corporate human rights abuses.
    € 79,-

  4. Solvency II is the new regime that regulates the solvency requirements for EU insurers and reinsurers. It aims to reduce the risk that an insurer would be unable to meet claims, to provide early warning to supervisors so that they can intervene promptly if capital falls below the required level, and to promote confidence in the financial stability of the insurance sector. This book provides a thorough and well-structured overview of the new ...
    € 125,-