1. Dit boek licht het Bazel II-kader toe vanuit het standpunt van de ondernemer. Daarbij werd vermeden te technisch te worden maar werd eerder geopteerd om via voorbeelden het kader en haar impact toe te lichten.
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  2. The Belgian Yearbook of Corporate Finance presents the reader an overview of the corporate finance business in Belgium. This yearbook will assist entrepreneurs and financial officers in finding investors to further develop their business. Each year different topics in the area of corporate finance are discussed by different leading academics and practitioners.
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  3. European Enterprise Policy

    Verschijnt 6 februari 2003

    Since the findings that small firms were creating more jobs than large firms, regional, national and European authorities set up or intensified their SME-policies. Evaluations however showed that such policies often became a patchwork quilt of complexity and idiosyncrasy. This book outlines the general principles of enterprise policy with concrete examples in different fields such as financing and incubators. It analyses the role of big compa...
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