1. Differences in contract law and the additional transaction costs and complexity they generate in cross-border transactions dissuade a considerable number SMEs from expanding into markets of other Member States. These differences are also said to limit competition in the internal market.
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  2. Consortium agreements for research projects of the European Commission are managed in Brussels. Therefore Belgian law is often applicable to these contracts. As organisations from all European Union member states and associated countries are potential contracting parties, numerous basic questions about Belgian contract law and multiparty agreements in particular arise. This book takes a look at model agreements from a Belgian contract law pers...
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  3. Middellijke vertegenwoordiging

    Verschijnt 20 december 2005

    In dit overzichtelijke boek is getracht om vanuit een grondige studie van deze afzonderlijke rechtsfiguren tot een eenheidsbenadering te komen van de middellijke vertegenwoordigingsfiguur.
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