Carlos Esplugues


Carlos Esplugues Mota, (LLM (University of Valencia, 1982 and Harvard, 1985), MSc (Edinburgh, 1983), PhD (University of Valencia, 1983)), is since 1997 Professor of Private international Law at the University of Valencia (Spain).
Therefor he was Professor International Private Law at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (1992-1997); Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant at the University of Valencia (1983-1992);
He is President of the Spanish Association of Professors of International Law and International Relations (Asociación Española de Profesores de Derecho Internacional y Relaciones Internacionales, AEPDIRI) (2013-2017).
He is Member of the Expert Group on arbitration and civil justice (Brussels I Arbitration Group), EuropeanCommission, Brussels and he is International Arbitrator and Mediator.

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